When we buy a second-hand car

What we should take care of when buying the second-hand car that has a turbocharger? Let's see if the car had regularly carried out inspections and let's prove whether the previous owner knew how to use the turbo engine. Otherwise, we have to deal with improperly operated equipment, which could cause problems in the future. Then we should take a closer look at the turbocharger, looking for signs caused by leakage of oil or coolant. The sound with the normal operation of the compressor is regular, resembles not too loud whistle. A sign that there is something wrong with the turbocharger, is also usually the lack of adequate performance. So while deciding to buy this car, you should thoroughly check the status and history of use. If you detect any irregularities it is worth giving the turbocharger to have it regenerated or repaired.

Following the manufacturer's instructions in case of the operation of our car, we do not have too much to worry about processes occurring in the engine. We should rather focus on the pleasure of smooth driving. If we only follow a few basic rules and keep the minimal care, the turbocharger will probably serve us a long time, as it is designed to work with the engine throughout its life.

When it does not pose us any problems, the periodic checks associated with a few simple actions are sufficient:

  1. Oil change
  2. Maintenance oil filter and wires
  3. Check of oil pressure
  4. Maintenance of the air filter and wires