You do not smear, do not go

Turbochargers manufactured today are generally very durable but to make them serve us very well and function properly, it is necessary to follow a few rules that can help to prezent from damage to our turbocharger:

First of all, to could enjoy the efficient of your vehicle, you should never save on oil. We should take care of its good quality and properly and frequently change it for new one, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Using the wrong oil can have a negative impact not only on engine performance, but primarily on the work of the turbocharger. Such savings can be good for us, if we take into account the need of repairs or even complete replacement of the turbocharger.

Let us also remember that the turbo engine is not very resistant to high temperatures because always - before we would like to take advantage of the highest performance of the vehicle - let it warm up. Pressing the gas pedal to the end and putting the engine at the highest turnover in the short time since the launch is not the best idea. In turn after completion of driving fast it is recommended to cool the car for a while and not switching it off suddenly. The optimal time to provide lubrication and saving it from damage takes about one minute. It is also justified in the case of diesel engines. Therefore it is worth to have a lot of experience when choosing the car with a turbocharged engine.