What is turbocharger?

Thanks to the turbocharger it is possible to increase the engine power by providing a larger amount of air in its interior. Therefore the car can go much faster. Turbo Boost mechanism is quite simple and it bases on expeditious use of energy that the escaping from the engine exhaust have. For others - naturally aspirated engines - this is not possible and this valuable energy remains unused. Another element of the whole structure is to put a special turbine into the exhaust system, through which it is possible to interchange exhaust gas energy into rotational motion which is a necessary factor for compressing air that is inside the engine.

There is therefore a close correlation between the amount of air in the engine and the power of the vehicle - the more oxygen is in it, the faster we go. If we know that to burn one kilogram of fuel about 14 kilograms of oxygen are needed,, then we can understand it clearly. We see therefore that an increase in the combustion is achievable while maintaining the same rotation and volume of the drive unit. This allows to provide more air into the engine. The great advantage of fuel-air mixture is also more efficient combustion and therefore the atmosphere is less harmful to us and the environment.

The structure of all turbochargers is similar. Its base is the bearing shaft on which there are fan turbine and compressor mounted next to each other. By forming the body in specially adapted to its tasks way, the traffic of fumes is forced. It causes that the turbine increases its turnover and the air is compressed in an appropriate manner.