P.P.H.U. TURBO Company located in Olesnica near Wrocław provides professional services in the field of regeneration , sale, purchase and replacement of turbochargers for all types of engine - for cars, vans, trucks , agricultural and construction machinery. We run the reputable service of turbines ( turbo ). Our assets are: long-term experience in the market , modern equipment and highly qualified specialists. The success of our company has been built on the high quality of our services and individual approach to our customers what is provided by 15-years existence on the market. We would like to establish partnership relations with our clients-to-be thus why we gladly support them with the experience before the service is provided. It gives some opportunities to choose the best and most suitable solution.

The turbocharger is one of the most durable and least emergency equipment in the car , but even it may require some repair, regeneration or replacement. Therefore, the turbocharger reconditioned or repaired in Turbo service will serve you for many years as we use only original spare parts.

We have a complete machinery to repair and diagnose the turbines. Each of them has the CHRA weighting printouts attached, together with printouts from turbo balancing of the flow of exhaust gas and the valve. For each turbochargers we offer an installation set of gaskets. To every turbine we attach the warranty for 12 months, with unlimited mileage . All turbochargers are available in stock, we co-work with courier companies like DHL, UPS , DPD and TNT- this is why the turbine ordered is delivered to you within 24 hours.

You can also replace the turbocharger or let us disassemble it on site in one day.

In any case, we guarantee you the highest quality services.

We offer our clients ongoing support of experts and technical advice on turbochargers.

In addition to the repair and regeneration , we also sell parts for turbochargers and high quality turbines from Garrett, and other turbine manufacturers. We know that the price is just as important as the quality, thus we work with manufacturers who offer only high quality products at very competitive prices.

We offer turbochargers from reputable manufacturers

In our catalog of products include turbines all reputable manufacturers such as:

We invite you to get acquainted with the offer of TURBO and our base of knowledge on turbochargers.